South Western Australia.

Recently I traveled to the south western coast of Australia with my family, and all I can say is WOW. What a place. I picked up some standard Kodak Gold 400, along with a few expired rolls of Portra 400 C that I had laying around, and along with my wife and kids set off to explore a small fraction of the coastline around Dunsborough and Margaret River. I’ve recently picked up a Leica M3 that I shot black on white on, but I am yet to develop those, I’ll leave that to when I get home and can do it myself. As per usual for me when I shoot whilst away, I impatiently had the rolls developed at a Camera House; that’s actually not bad compared to Walgreens in the US or old ass pharmacies or ma and pa stores in the UK / Europe. Hopefully with the resurgence of film that will change and there will be more labs opening up like Hillvale that offer professional solutions. Anyway, here are some shots from the trip, most of them are mine, but my wife has recently picked up a camera and is loving it, so there are a few from Bel also.

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